Reinka Delivery Inc.

   Our Mission: To achieve 100% satisfaction for our customers and business partners, we strive to enhance their ability to achieve their financial and operational goals by providing high level services utilizing the latest technology with the greatest team of committed professionals in the delivery business.  Simultaneously, we lower costs and add value, giving our customers a competitive edge and satisfaction.

28+ years in experience, you can rely on Reinka!

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Last Mile/On-Demand Delivery

Currently servicing Miami-dade and Broward County for the past 28 years and counting. Let us deliver your goods.

Fleet Replacement

Reinka's fleet replacement service has a guarantee to save you time, money and hassle.

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Same-Day/Next-Day Delivery

Fastest and most effecient Same-day/Next-Day Delivery. We can also provide a Second-Day Delivery upon request